Building Enduring Partnerships



At Calegari & Morris we strive to create meaningful connections with our clients at all times. And to approach every engagement with curiosity, warmth, humility, responsiveness, and a sense of humor.


Our team of dedicated financial professionals address challenges with a high level of honesty and a low level of ego. We believe this approach is the key to fostering high-quality, long lasting client relationships.


Honesty, integrity and professionalism carry through our whole firm. A respectful and collaborative culture enables the entire company to be singularly focused on client service.


Connection, Authenticity and Respect cannot truly exist without Empathy. Empathy is the cornerstone to our culture and the secret sauce of all of our relationships.

OUr goal is to be your key business advisor

Calegari & Morris is a unique accounting firm. Our structure is optimized to provide tax and accounting-related services to a specific niche: for-profit companies with revenue in the $5 – 50 million range. Additionally, we provide very sophisticated services to the high net worth owners and managers of these companies and their families.

This focus has allowed us to profitably weather the economic downturn of the past few years and continue our steady, conservative growth. We are not a “leverage” firm; our partners aren’t primarily managers. Instead, each has exceptional technical expertise – especially in tax – and take pride in providing their clients with an uncommonly high level of service.

Being our clients’ best advocate since 1932.

In 1932, to make ends meet, the regional accounting firm that employed Al Calegari suggested that he and a fellow CPA share one salary. Al, with a wife and two children, a smaller family than the other man’s, suggested instead that the company give his colleague a full-time job, and that he would find other work.

A former client of Al’s heard the news and suggested a trade: accounting services for office space in downtown San Francisco. Other former clients wanted to retain Al’s services too, and he was soon doing well. Al founded his firm with three guiding principles: be your clients’ best advocate, set the standard for quality service, and deliver that service ahead of time. He followed these personal principles until the day he retired in 1979.

In 1942, Al volunteered to serve his country, doing so (not surprisingly) as an auditor for the army. When he returned at the end of the war, three years later, he found all his clients ready for him to resume their relationships. Al’s son Greg joined his father in 1965, bringing in other top professionals, including, in 1970, George Morris as a partner.

Today, Calegari & Morris is one of the largest CPA firms in the Greater San Francisco area. We have 40 professionals: 90% are CPAs averaging greater than five years of “Big 4” tax experience. When you work with our firm you can be assured that you will receive service from the people best suited to provide it, in the most timely manner, and at the most reasonable cost. This is the way we built our firm over the last 75 years and the reason we have an extremely low turnover of professional staff and clients.

  • 1932
    The year our firm was founded by
    Al Calegari
  • 2,600+
    Clients we've assisted in financial betterment
  • 75
    Years of service to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • 40
    Passionate Accounting
“It’s simple, increasing our client’s net worth increases ours.”
George Morris — Partner

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